Success Stories

Rugby Ambassador Scheme

We have established a Moth in a China Shop ‘Rugby Ambassador Scheme’ whereby we approach institutions such as the University of East Anglia and University of Gloucestershire to meet with their rugby teams and offer help to any students who may wish to become a rugby coach.


Should the students not be in a position to financially afford the coaching qualifications and courses needed for such a role, Moth in a China Shop will finance this for them and once qualified, on a voluntary basis, they will go out into the community and coach less advantaged areas on behalf of MIACS.


We endeavour for the programme to assist students in their personal development and further their chance of future employment by increasing their qualifications, whilst also providing sporting opportunities to those less advantaged and better their lives.

Supporting people

Focusing on sport and health


Providing support in areas where sport and nutritional awareness is not well established, or rehabilitation programmes and equipment is required. We hope for a world where all can enjoy and have the opportunity to play and learn about sports and health.