Success Stories

Arthur Mason Scholarship Programme

The academic year beginning in 2017, saw an exciting opportunity for a student at the University of Gloucestershire as Moth in a China Shop began the Arthur Mason Scholarship for a master's.

The chosen student now has the opportunity to further their studies, gaining further knowledge in their desired field and ultimately better their career development. As part of the scholarship, the student will also be responsible for the organisation of the 'Sport Ambassador Programme' implemented at the university.




We're excited to announce that this year’s scholarship student is Tatyana Heard, who will be studying a MSc in Sports Therapy, alongside playing rugby for Gloucester-Hartpury. As a keen rugby player, the inclusion of rugby and other sports within the community is important to Tatyana and therefore this scholarship will allow her to have a positive influence on the participation of sports in the area. Being an activator for this programme also provides Tatyana with opportunities to develop her learning and aid in her ambition to pursue a career in sport.


Supporting people

Focusing on sport and health


Providing support in areas where sport and nutritional awareness is not well established, or rehabilitation programmes and equipment is required. We hope for a world where all can enjoy and have the opportunity to play and learn about sports and health.