Success Stories

    Aiding in the work of the Scouts

    The home of Moth in a China Shop, Old Larchwood, was recently the residence of the Scouts for one whole weekend at the beginning of October. The children learned valuable life skills such as camping, survival tactics and cooking. They also enjoyed the vast woodland, enjoyed stories by the campfire and learned First Aid. The adventurous weekend also enabled members of the organisation to gain their badges for certain skill building!

    Along with many other activities, the Scouts built bug huts and hedgehog homes to aid the work of our charity’s founding sponsor, Mr Hugh’s, a rapeseed oil producer and local farm.

    This is because, since the 1950’s, the population of rural hedgehogs has dropped from thirty million to one million as stated in the 2018 State of Britain’s Hedgehogs report. Although this has thankfully led to a reduction in the ‘Why did the Hedgehog cross the road’ joke, it’s sad that the most easily identifiable British mammal has suffered a serious decline.

    Mr Hugh’s hopes through having these habitats available they will be able to provide protection and safety to hedgehogs during hibernation. There has also been a joke shared in the Mr Hugh’s office, that as hedgehogs eat bugs, Mr Hugh’s will supply the rapeseed oil to the hedgehogs so they can cook themselves a tasty bug stir fry!

    If the safeguarding of Mr Hugh’s has inspired you to do your part and you’d like to avoid providing a banquet for your neighbourhood cats, leave out a bowl of muesli, peanut butter and Mr Hugh’s rapeseed oil soaked in warm water for your local hedgehogs to feast on!

    If you have a project similar to our work with the Scouts that you would like Moth in a China Shop to support or if you would like to use Old Larchwood for your organisations work, please get in touch!

    Supporting people

    Focusing on sport and health


    Providing support in areas where sport and nutritional awareness is not well established, or rehabilitation programmes and equipment is required. We hope for a world where all can enjoy and have the opportunity to play and learn about sports and health.