Success Stories

£50 Schools Challenge

The Moth in a China Shop & Mr Hugh’s National Schools £50 Challenge is an educational stimuli aimed at encouraging the entrepreneurial flair to come out of young business students and to enable them to grasp an understanding of how a business works from the ground up. Following a donation of £50 from Mr Hugh’s, these students are then tasked to create their own business, no matter how ambitious, daring or safe, with the end goal to raise as much money as they can through a successful self-run business. However, whoever makes the most money doesn’t necessarily win the challenge! We judge these businesses on a number of things, and to name a few; Teamwork, Presentation, Problem Solving and Management – all aspects that contribute to making a successful business.


The money that these students make is then donated to Moth in a China Shop to help support sport and nutritional awareness in areas that it is lacking. In 2016 the £50 Challenge raised over £3,000 for Moth in a China Shop, with the winners being Eden Boys School, Birmingham. Keep your eyes on this page for the 2017 winners and total raised!

Supporting people

Focusing on sport and health


Providing support in areas where sport and nutritional awareness is not well established, or rehabilitation programmes and equipment is required. We hope for a world where all can enjoy and have the opportunity to play and learn about sports and health.